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Storing of LINEN

If you are going to store linen items it is necessary to iron them beforehand.

Keep linen products flat; in case the shelves are wooden wrap the product in a thin wrapping paper.

Make sure the linen products are not exposed to direct sunlight to prevent burnout.

Do not leave table linen on a table where it is exposed to direct sunlight for a long time.


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How to dry

Perfect drying is in the open air, after drying linen products do not have wrinkles and smell fresh. Using a dryer may give quite satisfactory results: leave linen almost wrinkle-free and pleasant to touch, but only providing you have chosen the right mode.

Do not over-dry linen, which may happen if using too hot drying mode. Install the dryer in the mode with a cool finishing cycle which will significantly reduce the number of wrinkles.

Many dryers have an air-cycle which just airs the content without heating it. It is very suitable for drying linen items. Be sure to smooth out such details as edges of tablecloths and napkins, hem on the edges of sheets simply by pressing your fingers on these details. Then fold them carefully.

How to iron

If you wash and dry correctly you may avoid lines for the most part of an item. But good linen with natural fibers will still be wrinkled, especially new one. Gradually linen goods become softer, and you will see that with the lapse of time they get less rumpled. A good steam iron will facilitate both bedclothes and table linen made from flax. You should exclude completely the use of starch, which has a tendency to stick to the iron surface, and may also attract insects to the linen folded for storage.

Iron your bedding and table linen while they are still slightly damp. It will provide better results. If an item has any embroidery, ironing inside out will prevent its spoilage. Before ironing, refer to the label with universally known symbols for the selection of an appropriate ironing mode set for each iron.

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